Refinance Loan

There are MANY reason you may need to refinance your home. You may need a lower payment. You may need cash to consolidate debt or take the family on vacation. You might want to reduce the years you owe, add or remove someone’s name to title, or do that remodel you have been putting off . No matter the reason, you want to make sure you are working with someone who will not only get you the lowest rate and closing costs, but will also evaluate your situation and put you in the loan that is right for you.
In today’s market, many people are worried their home will not appraise high enough to qualify for refinancing. The appraisal is not only the key to whether you qualify at all, but also to maximize your savings with the highest possible valuation.  Hometown Equity Mortgage doesn’t charge ANY upfront fees, not even for the appraisal! Here is our guarantee: If we can’t get your loan done because of the appraised value, you owe nothing!!  We truly make refinancing a stress free AND risk free experience.

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